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I’m Mrs. Senyuz, a teacher (M.ed.), a mother (of two teens), a wife (of a really talented man) and a student for life, always looking for ways to connect & learn from my peers.

Learning How to Read!

If you are wondering how you can teach reading, you’ve come to the right place! Here you can find an outline of the skills needed to become a reader. These skills are listed in the order I would teach them. This does not mean you can’t work on multiple skills at the same time or mix and match. Make these decisions based on your child’s individual needs. Click on the links to find a list of activities and resources that help teach each skill. Please remember every child learns at his or her own pace. You may need to do a few activities or many activities within each skill before reaching mastery. The skills are designed to get increasingly difficult and do build on each other, so while it’s OK to mix and match, I urge you to not push your children with activities they are not ready for.

Listen and Count the Number of Words in a Sentence

1 Syllable 3 Word Sentences

1 Syllable 3-4 Word Sentences

1 Syllable 3-5 Word Sentences

1 Syllable 4-5 Word Sentences

Learning the Sounds of Letters

This is the order I teach the sounds of the letters: A, T, C, B, F, H, M, P, R, S, E, G, J, N, V, W, Y, I, K, Z, O, D, U, Q, X. The reason I teach the sounds in this order is because I like to work on blending sounds simultaneously. For example, when they learn the sounds of the letters a, t, c and b. They can start using those 4 letters to blend and make words like: at, cat, bat.